Events in Mauterndorf

Exciting events, historical festivals, traditions and customs

Every year, numerous events take place in Mauterndorf in the Salzburg province, which are famous and are appreciated far beyond the borders of the Lungau.


The best example of this is the Medieval Festival, which has been organised annually since 2000. When this takes place, the Middle Ages come to life again in the historic town centre and in Mauterndorf Castle for a weekend.


The stepped gable houses from the 16th century offer the perfect backdrop to the traditional Samson processions, which take place several times over the summer.

From May to September the full moon nights take place in Mauterndorf, a very popular fixed item in the events calendar. These are social evenings, which always take place following a set motto and are very popular with both guests and locals.


In 2009 the Grosseck Challenge took place for the first time, a demanding 14 kilometre MTB race on the Grosseck.

This is only a selection of the variety-filled and diverse programme of events in Mauterndorf.

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In the mood for the Middle Ages for young and old?

Samson figure in Mauterndorf

An exciting trip back in time to the late Middle Ages awaits the visitor to Mauterndorf Castle. Life in the castle at the end of the 15th century is presented true to life in the interactive exhibition. There is a fascinating view of Mauterndorf and the surrounding mountains from the 44 metre high fortified tower.

Mauterndorf Castle