Bartholomew fair & pony auction

Celebrate the patron saint of the market town of Mauterndorf with us

Every year the traditional parish fair takes place in Mauterndorf at the end of August. In honour of Saint Bartholomew - the patron saint of Mauterndorf - numerous events take place, which we warmly invite our guests to take part in.


View the large horse market and experience the pony auction.


No way should you miss a shopping trip through the centre of town where the streets are lined by about 200 different stalls selling goods.


Date 2017: 


27. und 28.08.2017

Contact & informationen

Mauterndorf Tourist Information Office | Phone +43 (0)6472 - 79 49


In the mood for the Middle Ages for young and old?

Samson figure in Mauterndorf

An exciting trip back in time to the late Middle Ages awaits the visitor to Mauterndorf Castle. Life in the castle at the end of the 15th century is presented true to life in the interactive exhibition. There is a fascinating view of Mauterndorf and the surrounding mountains from the 44 metre high fortified tower.

Mauterndorf Castle