Cycling & mountain biking in the Salzburg province

Through the Lungau holiday region on two wheels

Whether you cycle or mountain bike, in Mauterndorf in the Lungau holiday region, you’ll find an extensive network of well signposted cycle paths and mountain bike trails.

Whether you’re a leisurely cyclist or are seeking a sporting challenge, in the central valley of the Lungau with its star-shaped arrangement of side valleys you’ll find anything and everything to suit!

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Leisure cycling in the Salzburg province

A variety of tours through picturesque countryside

A suggestion for a cycling day trip for young and old with many places of interest along the way is the Mitterberg circular tour, which is about 30 km long and has a height gain of some 200 metres and a maximum 12% gradient.

From Mauterndorf town centre with its impressive stepped gable houses cycle through Begöriach to the legendary Moosham Castle, which is worth a visit. Full of interesting impressions the route continues via Untemberg towards Tamsweg. The historical main square, which enjoys restricted traffic and boasts numerous inns and restaurants with wonderful beer gardens, will entice you to stop and make a break.

Refreshed again, you can make a short visit to the Lungau Heimatmuseum (Lungau local history museum) in Tamsweg and then set off on the next stage of the route via St. Andrä to Mariapfarr. The village of Mariapfarr is situated on a sunny plateau and is dominated by the pilgrimage church. You should not fail to visit the Mariapfarr Pfarr-; Wallfahrts- und Stille Nacht museum (parish, pilgrimage and Silent Night museum).

Afterwards the route takes you back to Mauterndorf. Having passed Mauterndorf Castle, which has a permanent Middle Ages exhibition, you once again arrive at the town centre.

A fitting end to an eventful day spent on a cycle tour is to enjoy Lungau culinary specialities in a beer garden in the Brunnenplatz!

This is just one suggestion for a cycling day trip full of variety. You can find more suggestions in the “SOMMER AKTIV“ (Active summer) and “SOMMERJOURNAL” (Summer journal) brochures that you can request from Mauterndorf Tourist Information office.

The Murradweg (Mur cycle path) - Salzburg to Styria

Our tip for an eventful cycle tour over several days

Cycle along the second longest river in Austria from the Mur source in Muhr in the Lungau holiday region to Bad Radkersburg in the south of Styria. Some 365 kilometres of attractive and diverse scenery await you on the Murradweg, from the impressive Hohe Tauern to the Mediterranean style old town of Graz and on to the gentle hills of southern Styria.

Special service for cyclists: pick-up service and baggage transport along the Mur cycle path, accessing and leaving the path along the way is also possible.

Contact & information

Bacher travel agency | Phone +43 (0)6477 - 81 11 |
Lehenauer travel agency
| Phone +43 (0)6477 - 83 11 |
Online Brochure

Details of the Mur cycle path can be found in the Mur cycle path brochure, which you can request from Mauterndorf Tourist Information Office, or at

e-bikes: bicycles with e-motor assistance

Pleasurable cycling for anyone

Holiday planning is not always easy for many people as interests and sporting stamina vary wildly. Those who are not quite so sports active can easily make larger tours with the new e-bikes. Mountain and bike gain a completely new appeal.

Technically, e-bikes support the natural pedal movement through electricity for distances of up to 90 km (including energy recovery system), depending on the gradient, terrain, amount of assistance required, weight of the rider, weather and temperature.

Throughout the Lungau there are six service and hire offices, and the bicycles can be recharged at battery exchange stations.

Contact & information

e-Bikes Graggaber | Phone +43 (0)6472 - 728 80

Mountain biking in the Lungau holiday region

An extensive mountain bike route network awaits you

In the Lungau holiday region in the sunny south of Salzburg, the mountain bike enthusiast will find 15 excellently accessible and uniformly signposted MTB routes along a total length of more than 560 kilometres. Numerous alpine huts, ski lodges and inns ensure there are plenty of opportunities to stop and have a break.

Mountain bike tours
Aineck Route Start: St. Michael - Length 29,4 km - Climb: 1640 elevation gain
Bonner hut Start: St. Michael - Length 39,5 km - Climb: 1370 elevation gain
Gontal Route Start: St. Michael - Length 37,7 km - Climb: 1090 elevation gain
Stickler hut Start: St. Michael - Length 28,0 km - Climb: 690 elevation gain
Rieding Route Start: Zederhaus - Length 30,1 km - Climb: 970 + 400 elevation gain
Trogalm Route Start: St. Michael - Length 28,7 km - Climb: 1030 elevation gain
Cycle transport possible with the 8-person cable car from Mauterndorf ski centre!
Hollerberg Route Start: St. Michael - Length 26,6 km - Climb: 540 elevation gain
Pirka-Fanning Route Start: Mariapfarr - Length 28,4 km - Climb: 760 + 400 elevation gain
Moosham Route Start: Mauterndorf - Streckenlänge 16,8 km - Climb: 480 elevation gain
Mitterberg Spezial Start: Tamsweg - Length 36 (+8,6) km - Climb: 560 elevation gain
Hinterlahn Route Start: Mauterndorf - Length 17,7 km - Climb: 270 elevation gain
Preber Route Start: Tamsweg - Length 39,3 km - Climb: 1250 + 500 + 350 elevation gain
Lantschfeld Route Start: Mauterndorf - Length 21,0 km - Climb: 390 elevation gain
Wildbach hut Start: Tamsweg - Length 31,4 km - Climb: 910 elevation gain
Granglitzalmen Start: Tamsweg - Length 31 (1,4) km - Climb: 850 + 120 elevation gain

Contact & information

You can see the entire route and the elevation profile online and print it out. Likewise the GPS data for the mountain bike stretches is available there for download.

The Mauterndorf Tourist Information Office has a free brochure “SOMMER AKTIV” (Active Summer), which provides a rough overview of the route descriptions and tours, and a detailed Lungau mountain bike map can be purchased at a cost of € 9 (excl. post).

Mountain biking on the Grosseck-Speiereck

Our special tip

Comfortably and easily with the Grosseck cable car or to the mountain station under your own steam in about two hours following well signposted mountain bike trails. From here you have the possibility of continuing cycling to the Speiereck Hütte alpine hut, where, in addition to a hearty snack, you can also enjoy a sunny panoramic terrace. Or you can make a break at the Panorama Alm mountain restaurant before you start the return journey via St. Michael in Lungau (22 km) or Mauterndorf (11 km).

Hire of cycles and e-bikes

Everything you need for a cycling holiday in Mauterndorf

The following places in Mauterndorf offer cycle hire or the hire of electric bikes:

VW-Audi Griessner | Phone +43 (0)6472 - 73 18
Bergbahnen Lungau | Mauterndorf ski centre | Phone +43 (0)6472 - 80 08
e-Bikes Graggaber
| Phone +43 (0)6472 - 728 80


In the mood for the Middle Ages for young and old?

Samson figure in Mauterndorf

An exciting trip back in time to the late Middle Ages awaits the visitor to Mauterndorf Castle. Life in the castle at the end of the 15th century is presented true to life in the interactive exhibition. There is a fascinating view of Mauterndorf and the surrounding mountains from the 44 metre high fortified tower.

Mauterndorf Castle