Hiking holiday in Mauterndorf

Explore the Salzburg mountains with our hiking tips

The Lungau holiday region is a hiking paradise in Salzburg. Whether families or seniors, whether casual hikers or hiking experts, there’s the right hiking destination to suit everyone!

Nestled between the Niedere Tauern and the Nockberge mountain ranges, nearly 60 mountain lakes are waiting to be discovered by you. More than 60 ski lodges, alpine huts and mountain guest houses invite you to stop off and spoil yourself with regional specialties.

The spicy-aromatic air at altitude, an alpine meadow landscape with a colourful spread of plants and herbs, as well as the calming beauty of nature turn hiking into an experience that offers pure pleasure and relaxation.

Thanks to the excellent accessibility to the Lungau provided by the public transport system and the valley bus, you can quite comfortably leave your car at your accommodation for the length of your holiday in Mauterndorf.

Lungau alpine summer

A very special appreciation of nature on a summer holiday in Mauterndorf

“In the Lungau the alpine meadow starts in the valley“ is a very popular saying, which is true. The entire Lungau in Salzburg lies at about 1,000 m above sea level, Mauterndorf lies at 1,122 m and, on average, the mountains rise to 2,500 m.

About 60 mountain lakes, dreamy pools in the landscape, crystal clear and luminous, ranging from emerald green to shimmering silver, are scattered over green meadows, quiet basins or lie nestled under rocks and peaks.

Is it possible to become addicted to these moments of happiness? Yes, as it happens! For nature’s jewels come into their own. The joy of discovering a mountain lake gives rise to the desire and curiosity to find the next one. An extensive network of carefully marked paths, which enthuse not only tried and tested walkers and practised mountain climbers but also long distance ramblers, those seeking escape from stress, those enjoying a pilgrimage through nature and those who are simply looking for happiness, offer hiking tours for every mood on every day.

All the hikes detailed in the ”LUNGAUER ALMSOMMER” brochure (Lungau alpine summer) do not present any extreme challenges but follow the motto “alpine summer”. This means that in addition to the countryside with its picture-perfect views and vistas, also included is the delight of discovery when coming across quiet, hidden beauty, the flora, the geology and the old customs and traditions.

Accompanying this is a well laid-out infrastructure with public transport and valley bus, theme trails, nature trails, as well as welcoming hosts in the alpine huts and shelters, alpine inns, cafés and mountain restaurants. The Lungau alpine summer will impress you with its service and comes out top for its friendliness and the specialities of its traditional cuisine.

For more detailed information, please request the free brochure “LUNGAUER ALMSOMMER” from Mauterndorf Tourist Information Office.

Here are some more hiking tips:

Hikes on the Grosseck-Speiereck adventure mountain

For leisurely hikers & trail blazers

The local mountain for Mauterndorf in the Lungau, the Grosseck-Speiereck adventure mountain, is a very diverse ski area in winter and a wonderful hiking region in summer.

You can climb up the mountain on foot in about two and a half hours from the valley following the old Liftweg, the old Trogweg path or by taking the Forstweg, the forest path, from Mauterndorf ski centre, or ride up the mountain more leisurely with the cable car.

The Grosseck-Speiereck adventure mountain is famous for its breath-taking panorama.

Hiking tips for the Grosseck-Speiereck mountain

Let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque landscape!

Trogalmseen (lakes at 1.808 m)

The Trogalmseen are a very popular hiking destination. These artificial lakes have been incorporated harmoniously into the landscape. From the gondola cable car mountain station, a circular hiking trail leads to the Trogalmseen and takes about one hour.

Stopping off points:

Trogalm (1.808 m)

From the gondola cable car mountain station take the Forststrasse down to the Trogalm mountain hut. Walking time about 20 minutes. You’ll also pass the Trogalmseen.

Stopping off points:

Grosseck (2.074 m) - Speiereck Hütte (2.066 m)

From the gondola cable car mountain station follow the Forststrasse upwards to the Speiereck Hütte mountain hut. Walking time about 20 minutes. This is on the Grosseck, where a transmitting station is also located.

Stopping off points:

Speiereck (2.411 m)

From the gondola cable car mountain station take the Forststrasse up to the Speiereck Hütte mountain hut on the Grosseck. From there, follow the signposts, which will lead you up the gradient to the peak of the Speiereck. The descent leads back down to the Trogalm. After this, follow the Forststrasse upwards a short way, past the Trogalmseen, in order to return to the Grosseck cable car mountain station, the starting point of your approximate 3-hour circular hike.

Stopping off points:

Hiking in and around Mauterndorf

The Lungau holiday region is attractive for its wide variety of hiking tours

The historical town of Mauterndorf offers a diverse range of signposted hiking and walking trails. The various hikes and walks range from one-hour walks around the town to day trips in the surrounding area, often passing interesting cultural and historical places of interest.

The municipality lies on the edge of another valley, so you have a choice between hikes along the flat or steeper terrain.
Hiking maps are available from Mauterndorf Tourist Information Office.

Hiking tips in and around Mauterndorf

Leisurely strolls & interesting day trips

A walk to the ski centre in Mauterndorf

From the historical centre of town go to the Church of St. Wolfgang and then follow Trail No. 7b through the Tranningwald (Tranning forest) to the Grosseck cable car valley station in the Mauterndorf ski centre. Whilst the grown-ups fortify themselves with coffee and cakes on the sunny terrace of the Schi Alm Restaurant, children can make use of the play facilities at the SMARTY Land children’s world.

To return, take Trail No. 44 to Mauterndorf Castle, you should plan to pay a visit to the old toll castle in any event.

This circular walk will take you about one hour.

Our tip: From the ski centre, take Trail No. 44 towards Tweng to the Annakapelle (the “Anna Chapel”). Walking time about 30 minutes .

The airport circular trail

From the historical centre of town, follow the direction towards the Taurachbahn station, the highest altitude narrow gauge railway in Austria, which offers steam locomotive journeys in summer. Shortly before you reach the station, turn left and take Trail No. 13 towards the glider airfield. A short stop at the highest altitude alpine airfield in Austria is always interesting, with luck an aeroplane will just be starting or landing and you can experience the fascination of flying close up.

Follow the Taurach river until Steindorf Moos. A few hundred metres further along, in Steindorf, turn left and take Trail No. 11 back to Mauterndorf. After passing the Church of St. Gertrauden, after about one and a half hours you’ll once again have reached the starting point of your hike.

Moserkopf mountain hike

The Möserkopf, which is situated north of Mauterndorf, is an unassuming mountain with a fantastically clear view. From Mauterndorf, the trail takes you past Mauterndorf Castle to the Stampfl neighbourhood of town. This is where circular Trail No. 46 begins, which takes you up to the peak at 1,896 metres and then brings you back down to the starting point of the hike. Walking time is about 5 hours.

Stopping off points


In the mood for the Middle Ages for young and old?

Samson figure in Mauterndorf

An exciting trip back in time to the late Middle Ages awaits the visitor to Mauterndorf Castle. Life in the castle at the end of the 15th century is presented true to life in the interactive exhibition. There is a fascinating view of Mauterndorf and the surrounding mountains from the 44 metre high fortified tower.

Mauterndorf Castle