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The market town of Mauterndorf

The unique townscape is characterized by the orientation of the entire town towards the castle, from the large, trangular main square with the magnificent stepped gable houses to the rich colors of the geometric ornaments that adorn many homes.

The Schlossmaierhaus with castle in Mauterndorf

The unique townscape

The Romans defeat Noricum and Norea falls into their hands. In the process they march through the Lungau, lay roads and secure these with military force. At Mauterndorf, two roads come together, one from the east (Steindorf) and the other from the south (Neusess), and then continue across the Tauern. Roman milestones still bear witness today to this period in history.

Middle Ages a toll was levied in the market Mauterndorf

In the Middle Ages a toll was levied, which gave the place its name

At that time Mauterndorf gained importance through trade across the Tauern Pass, which was, besides the Brenner Pass in Tyrol, the only pass connecting the north and south in winter. And in 1217 Mauterndorf received market rights from King Friedrich II and thus very early on became the economic hub of the region.

Stepped Gable Houses

Stepped Gable Houses

The most striking Buildings in the square are the Clergy House, the former Castellan´s House and the Town Hall. In the 17th Century, all three Buildings were in Possession of the Jocher Family and received their characteristic appearance with Stepped Gables at this time. 

The Rope Maker´s House

The Rope Maker´s House and the Messenger´s House

The Rope Maker´s House is one of the oldest Buildings in the market town and has a late Gothic Core. The peculiar Arrangement of the Windows is striking, and apparently had to do with the Workshops in the House.
The Cathedral Chapter

The Cathedral Chapter Granary Building

Since the late Middle Ages, the Cathedral Chapter´s manorial granary has stood on this spot. In 1672 the roof was destroyed by fire. Thereafter, a four-part butterfly roos was built, as was the custom in the city of salzburg. On the facade the outlets for the drain spouts are still visible. At the end of 18th century the roof as it is seen today was built.
"The Mill on the Pruggen"

"The Mill on the Pruggen"

The mill machinery was located here. The two- story cantilevered log house above it served residential purposes. Originally probably all of the windows were as small as those in the lowest floor. The adjoining house is called "Back ob der Fleischbrücke" it has an especially beautiful painting based on earlier remnants in a natural lime wash in red, yellow and blue 

The Meat Bridge

The Meat Bridge

The "Fleischbrücke" ( Meat Bridge ), which it has been called since the middle ages, got its Name from the Butchers, who had their Butcher stalls here.

"The House on the Pruggen"

"The House on the Pruggen"

Dating from the late middle ages this building is one of the oldest in the market town. Its beautiful Gothic Ogee doorway with the finial and symbolized the turrets is striking as are the windows with their colored corner decorations.
The Grimming House

The Grimming House

This House also originally had a representative gable facing the square and inside a magnificent hall, which however was torn down in the 19th century. Worth seeing are the spacious entrance hall, the beautiful courtyard and a stone pine paneled parlor with a ceramic stove from the 19th century.

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The Sagenhof in Steindorf

Did you know, ...

...In Steindorf, few kilometres from the town centre, is the legendary organic farm, Staudingerhof. A private museum has been set up in the former granary, which includes Roman finds, amongst others.

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