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Samson procession in Mauterndorf
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Tradition and events in Mauterndorf
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Top Events

Celebrate with us tradition in Mauterndorf

Every year, numeous events take place in Mauterndorf in the Salzburg province, which are famous and are appreciated far beyond the borders of the Lungau.
The best example of this is the Medieval Festival, which has been organised annually since 2000 in july ....
This is only a selection of the variety-filled and diverse programme of events in Mauterndorf.
We are glad to see you soon in Mauterndorf!

Samson processions


Accompany the Samson giant figures during their procession in Mauterndorf.
A colourful image, which never fails to impress time and again!

Samson giant figure in Mauterndorf

Moon nights

Celebrate with us - each event has its own theme
The night of the costume - with fashion show in august 2019
The night of culiarium - the Mauterndorf gastronomy hosts spoil you with music, song and culinary delicacies.

The night of mushrooms on the 30. September 2019


moon nights in Mauterndorf

Harvest Festival

august & september 2018

When autumn slowly makes its presence felt in Mauterndorf, it's that time of year again, the time of the harvest festival., enjoy homemade Lungau specialities, celebrate the numerous harvest festival events with the locals and experice the traditions firsthand.

traditional food in harvest festival

ballon week



In january 2019 the 25 international Baloon week, will be held in Mauterndorf, in the beautiful province of Lungau, Salzburg.

For spectators the Baloon week is a magical spectacle, drawing visitors year after year.

ballon week in mauterndorf in the Salzburger Lungau

Medieval Festival


Once a year the local time is turned back several centuries and the Middle Ages come to life again! The historic town centre and the Castle serve as the backdrop to the Medieval Festival and visitors have an opportunity to lose themselves in a long forgotten period in history.

Medieval Festival in Mauterndorf for children
Weitere laden

Holiday in Mauterndorf

Time out from everyday life at any time of the year

Mauterndorf verspricht zu jeder Jahreszeit puren Urlaubsgenuss. In der Ferienregion Lungau können Sie aktiv sein oder einfach nur die Seele baumeln lassen - ganz wie Sie wünschen. Besonders wichtig ist dabei natürlich die passende Unterkunft. Die Mauterndorfer Gastgeber freuen sich auf Ihren Besuch und tun alles dafür, damit Ihr Urlaub zur schönsten Zeit des Jahres wird.

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