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The glowing balloons will dance in the night sky to music in Mauterndorf
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Gigantic Samson figure

Accompany the Samson giant figures during their procession

Samson figure of Mauterndorf before the Parish church of St. Bartholomew
In 2020 the Samson giant figures procession takes place five times. It is accompanied by two dwarves, the traditional music band, a traditionally costumed group and guardians.

A colourful image, which never fails to impress time and again!
Samson is as much as 6,5 m tall and wights around 85 kg.  He is born on the shoulders of a young bachelor, who is able to skillfully balance the weight of this giant figure by means of a frame built on the inside of the hollow body.

Samson dance - 

  • 11.06.2020 11.00a.m. samson dance
  • 19.07.2020  1.30 p.m  samson from the castle through the village of Mauterndorf
  • 29.07.2020  7.30 p.m. samson dance
  • 15.08.2020  6.30 p.m. samson from the castle through the village of Mauterndorf
  • 04.09.2020  6.00 p.m. samson dance mit the traditional music band

Sonnja´s tip

The giant Samson figure
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"Did you know," ...

....the Samson figure has been historically documented in the Lungau since 1635 and symbolizes an Old Testament figure with superhuman strength, a strength seated in this long hair. He respresents the battle against the Philistines, having killed 1.000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass at Lehi. Most of the Samson figures carry such a jawbone as a symbol of strength.


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